Student Membership

Student membership is available to all those studying for an information security-related degree, who are looking to establish a career path within the Information Security profession.


Student membership is open to all those studying for an information security-related degree at a UK university. If you are studying at a non-UK university please contact the Institute to check eligibility. You  will need to send proof of your enrolment (ie. a scan of a signed letter from your faculty) to [email protected]

Student membership costs £20 per year.

Free Student Membership
Each Academic year CIISec Academic partners are able to take up a student membership offer whereby they purchase membership for all of their students on Cyber Security related degrees. You can check if your University is a partner here please contact [email protected] for confirmation of whether you are eligible for this offer.

Transition of student membership to the next level

CIISec Student members can benefit from an additional year of student membership for the year after their graduation. In order to maintain your membership it is of utmost importance that you login to your account and give an alternative contact email address and telephone number so CIISec can maintain contact with you after your Academic email address is no longer available.


Individuals that successfully graduate from CIISec Academic Partner Accredited courses are eligible to claim the post-nominals AfCIIS.

How to Join

To join CIISec as a Student Member, please register below:

Create your CIISec account

The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 non-alphanumeric character and 1 special character.